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Shlomo Levin

6507 N Bethmaur

Glendale, WI 53209

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“Congratulations! I’m so happy for you both! Why don’t you tell me a bit about why you’re getting married and what you want your ceremony to be like?”

- This is what I’ll say when we first meet.

There are many kinds of wedding ceremonies for you to choose from. You can turn to clergy from a house of worship, but then your wedding will be guided by the strictures of that faith. A justice of the peace can handle the legalities, but it won’t be personal and probably can’t be at a time and place you choose. You can ask a friend or relative to get ordination online and officiate, but then you’ll be limited to what they are familiar with. All these options are right for many, but perhaps not for you.

As a secular wedding celebrant, my goal is to help develop an authentic, creative, and beautiful ceremony that rings true to where you are as a couple. The ceremony should reflect what your marriage will mean to you.

Here’s the process. First we’ll get together (with no obligation) and discuss in depth what you’re looking for.  Then, if you decide you’d like me to officiate your wedding, we’ll spend as much time as necessary to devise a ceremony that reflects your beliefs and values. We’ll incorporate whatever rituals or symbols you desire, and be sure to match the mood you’re setting. Most important, we’ll make sure that everything is an honest and sincere match with you.

Then on the big day I’ll arrive early with extra copies of everything. I’ll see that all details are taken care of, and ensure that the ceremony is professional, joyful, and just like we’ve planned.

Photos by Orphonic Weddings